Dogs sniffing out COVID

We had something like this on the AO (RIP) a few months ago, but they’re starting to ramp this up.
A bit late, but better late than never.

Where is all this heading? “We are not looking to replace clinical testing,” Logan says. “We are keen to use dogs in very specific circumstances, where we need to get through a lot of people quickly. Airports, sports stadiums, train stations, universities, care homes.” Guest points out how useful it would have been to deploy Covid dogs at the airports early on in the pandemic, with all those flights coming here, bringing in so-called “super-spreaders”.

Oh, that link to the February article had this in it:

Are there super-spreaders of the new coronavirus?

It seems so. The third British case was a man in his 50s who contracted the coronavirus infection at a conference in Singapore. He then travelled to France where he stayed with his family in a ski chalet in the Alpine resort of Les Contamines-Montjoie. Five people who were in the chalet, including a boy of nine, have tested positive for coronavirus since the man came back to the UK on an easyJet flight and was diagnosed in Brighton. Another Briton who was on holiday in the chalet flew back to his home in Mallorca and was admitted to hospital in Palma. The chief medical officer said four more people had tested positive in England – all of whom were also on the skiing holiday in France.

Really, the Mountain of Happy Contaminants???
My French might be a bit rusty…

The original name of the village, Les Contamines, is from the word contamines, which in the ancient local dialect meant ploughable land on the estate of the squire.

If you put an accent on the last “e”, it becomes “contaminated”. :man_shrugging:

I did say that my French was rusteé.

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