Does this prove fraud in the 2020 election?

tl; dr The New York is claiming Mark Meadows registered to vote in the 2020 election at an improper address.

Some of his relatives had rented it briefly in the past, before 2020,

To me, this seems like a really flagrant error, though he perhaps could have qualified to vote in NC at a different address, possibly even in the same voting district. Anyone for jail time?

You see all kinds of nonsense like this when it comes to where politicians claim to reside. Josh Hawley lives in Virginia, but uses his sister’s house in Missouri as his residence. (Which is extra humorous because he ran against McCaskill by saying, "She flies over us in her private plane … to her luxury condo in D.C.”)
Now Dr Oz is running for office in PA even though he lives in New Jersey. He is registered to vote in PA using his in-law’s address.

I’m sure there are tons of examples of politicians doing this. It’s at the very least questionable and most likely dishonest and immoral.

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If it is fraud, it’s actually going to be spun by R’s as “See! It’s so easy to commit election fraud that we did it and you didn’t even notice! So the whole damn thing is knackered!”

It’s almost enough to encourage supporting idea of voter ID laws

It’s the Trumpian way: falsely accuse others of what you are actually doing yourself.

I have no objection to a politician claiming something other than Washington as his residence if he has some good connection to his “residence”. Ideally owning it or renting it, but at least living it in for most of the time he is not in DC, or possibly even living it in more than any other place while not in DC. Never living there? No, IMO. [And if owning it or renting it, but not currently living in it much, then it should legitimately have been his primary residence before being elected.]

As a PA resident I will be disgusted if Dr Oz becomes “our” senator, but also disgusted if some of the people who are residents get elected.

I wish there were a law that these people had to make their tax returns, including residency, public.

:thinking: If only there were already established means of verifying where one lived in relation to where they voted.

I mean sure, if you want voter ID laws, great, but I don’t see how that fixes the problem that exists. [Cue discussion of providing appropriate IDs to all eligible U.S. citizens, especially when elderly people lack desired documentation, which is a much bigger issue but frequently gets ignored because … protecting the sanctity of the right to vote.] I really don’t see how it fixes the problem when enforcement of violations is poor at best, and punishment is frequently trivial unless you’re black, live in Texas, won’t take a plea bargain and decide to exercise your constitutionally guaranteed rights instead.