Does the super walk your dog if you have covid?

This is puzzling since I pass by at least 10 people before reaching the front door. So what do people with dogs do when they have covid? You can’t isolate if you walk the dog so does the super do it?

But if so is there a risk that the super gets covid? Or does the dog just do its business in your room and you clean it up?

I got cats and my litter delivered so nothing would change for me.

Was that a package deal?

Fun out-of-context quotes!

Why should one expect the super to do this for each resident?

Take them out for a walk at a time where people in the “hallway” and “elevators” are likely to note be around.

Alternately, they can just walk along and ring a hand bell yelling “COVID! UNCLEAN!! COVID!! UNCLEAN!!!”.

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isolating with covid is not always possible for a variety of reasons.

just do it and wear an N95 mask if you’re feeling well enough.

not sure how this became the super’s job.

My dog just goes out the dog door.

In my building when someone gets covid they get their trash disposed of and food delivered while they quarantine but there was nothing in the policy about doggos

How do they figure out how to ride the elevator down?

have your personal assistant walk the dog. simple

Rich guy alert. :judge:

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lol i wish i had a PA

Having never had a super in my life I was so confused what a “super walk” was at first, and why I would be going on said super walk if I had Covid.

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We have a 24hr concierge. They don’t walk dogs though.

In the Chinese lockdowns, dog owners have been setting up little pieces of sod, etc. for the dogs to use, since they aren’t allowed to leave their homes for non-medical reasons.

You worry about weird stuff.


wait but how do you get the sod if you got locked down first

I’m not certain. There was a brief period of advanced warning, I believe, and I think even in a lockdown as strict as the Chinese lockdowns, it was still possible to get some things delivered.