Does anyone still use glassdoor?

I used to look at it a lot but now I barely do. Ever since companies started astroturfing their own pages I kind of just gave up on it or just filter on the negative reviews.


For example, one time I caught a review complaining about how racist the company was and then another divulging details about some sexual assault that happened. Then when I check back, they mysteriously disappeared…

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to look up salaries, sometimes.

mmmmm celery

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Yep use it all the time to check out retirement benefits at other companies.

No idea why this info is treated as top secret when it should be used as a recruiting tool

Glassdoor is completely fake reviews now. They have little incentive to even try to keep them real. The companies are paying the bills, not job applicants, so as long as job applicants don’t realize they’re fake they’re fine.


The companies pay for it? I just assumed that since they require an email that they were selling personal info for profit

Companies pay to list jobs. I think they also pay to manage their reputation…

If you pay you get special services to help your company be the best company it can be because you care about your employees!*