Do you use Influencer?

Hey I keep hearing about some social media site called “Influencer” but I couldn’t find it, but everyone seems to be talking about influencer this or that. Do you use it and what does it do?

No, you don’t.

No but I know influencers

It’s probably just videos of cats watching the water swirl in the terlet.

I feel like I was just inappropriately influenced into opening this thread.

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Waiting for the edit. :popcorn:


I turfed them. They weren’t from around here.
Symptoms of these new spammers:

  • 1 post that’s in a potentially high value topic like travel.
  • yahoo email address
  • ip address from foreign lands.
  • 1 post that’s vague.
  • 2-3 days later, another post with a link drop.

I’ve stopped waiting for the second post, I see all that together, I just delete them.


And when they come back they’re all like “hey! Who stole my tractor?!?!?!”