Do you talk too much? Or too little?

Assuming there’s a right number of words to say, are you anywhere close to saying the right number?


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Not likely. Not sure if that’s for too many or too few; but it’s not likely.

Depends how drunk I am.


Considering I was a trainer and instructor for 15 years and considering that 70% of instruction is there so you retain the important 30%, yeah, I would say I have used way over my allotment of words.

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I talk too little. I don’t want to blabber on, because I feel like all conversations are essentially meaningless banter. So I hold my tongue.

But then I talk so little that I forget how to talk. I lose my jokes as well as my insights. And then I start to forget how to think, because thinking comes from talking.

So I have to say more. Often on this forum. Though I’m not sure what to say…

I talk a lot.



It should be noted that I think I type about the right amount, though.

depends on the drug

I talk too much, and I don’t talk enough. On average, that might get me to close to the “right number of words to say”, but in a single instance… nah.

Nice try. However I would have titled the thread “Discourse residuals” with discourse being the linguistic term for utterances larger than a single unit and residuals being how far away you deviate from the mean.

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yes (never touch alcohol or drugs - except for the few that my MD prescribes)
My wife says that I’m the chattiest man she’s ever met. :smiley:

Some days I feel like I talk too much. Some days I can’t force myself to engage. Hoping it evens out.

Maybe though I’m not interested in whether you talk a lot or a little. But whether you talk too much or too little-- based on what you have to say, who you’re talking to, and what effects your talking has.

(If I DID want to nerd flex though I’d shift to word entropy)