Do you keep those little allen wrenches and screwdrivers that come with your furniture?

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I do not, because I have two allen wrench sets, one standard and the other metric.

No sense in keeping them all. Plus, most of them are too tiny for my normal-sized hands.

I also have two drill bit sets with pretty much the same sizes.

Something like this:


Hex key? Sounds un-Christian, I’ll pass.

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Keep more than I need, as a have a muti-tool set

but throw them into a zip lock, just in case something is an odd size

This. I have one standard, one metric, and the torx one. Done. Nearly everything is metric nowadays, and it’s nice to just grab the metric thing and be able to find the right size quickly. If it’s 22 wrenches in a drawer, good luck with that.

Throw out before I use them. I have a decent set I’ll use to put stuff together.
Related, I bought an electricians pouch to keep a set of tools that I keep in a cupboard inside. Handiest thing ever, I just grab the whole thing and I’ve got one of everything, screwdrivers, plier assortment, etc. No more running back and forth.

I keep them and there’s no reason to do so because I have a full set of both metric and imperial allen wrenches.

I keep them. I’m sure I’ve used them again. I have full sets of SAE, Metric and Torx. I have drills, impact drivers and bits for just about everything. I have an extensive collection of hand tools, power tools. I’m always fixing, repairing, or building something. It’s hard for me to toss away an old tool. I’m a tool hoarder.

I keep them for about 2 years until I find them in a little baggy again when I throw them out wondering why I kept them in the first place.


Alien wrenches? Yeah I have some, when they probed my butt a couple of decades ago when I lived in da 'Po.

I have a router. So I think I win that showdown.

2 corded circular saws, 1 battery circular saw, 1 chop saw, 1 jig saw, 1 reciprocating saw, 1 belt sander, 3 oscillating sanders, 1 corded drill, 2 cordless drills, 2 impact drivers, and the list goes on…

Feel free to come visit and help me finish replacing some of the boards on my deck…

I did that project this summer on my own deck. I’m ready to go.

It has been a learning experience in basic handiness. Onto my second circular saw which is now half decent (and battery powered).

Biggest pain is getting the wood from home depot and second biggest pain is painting it. Not too bad from there except it just takes a lot of time for each board. Looks great when done though. Pretty sure the prior owners didn’t use decking wood for the deck boards.

I have so much crap lying around various tool boxes in the garage I can never find what I’m looking for.

That’s why I have an electricians pouch. I still have all that crap in the shed, but for almost everything in the house I just grab that. Has all the screwdrivers and pliers. And I have a tool bag for my drill and driver. Those two bags cover 90 percent of everything I do in the house.
It’s a noticeable change.

Funny this is coming up now. This last weekend I cleaned out my garage and my wife asked why I had a huge pile of allen wrenches and those annoying little flat wrenches. I would keep them so my little kids would have tools to “fix” things with while I worked on projects. We threw them all away because now I have enough screwdrivers and tiny hammers for them to use (plus they’re getting bigger and most of them want to actually help now).

I refinished my whole basement with a subaru forester. Drywall on the roof like a pro here. I must have looked like an insane person putting 40 8ft 2x4 in the back of that thing.

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