Do you ever hate your most popular thread?

Sometimes I try real hard, like “oh man, this is gonna be such a great thread” and then nobody cares to keep the discussion going.

Then I make some low-level troll post count thread and all of a sudden people keep posting in it.

There’s a difference?

Asking for a friend.


I abandoned your wallet thread ages ago. No idea why it’s still going

I started the daily brain puzzles thread and I haven’t checked that one since last year pretty much. That’s probably my most popular thread here.

I don’t make popular threads. Womp womp.


Dude, or what ever, I love ya. I really do. I’d let ya buy me three tequila shots and I’d stick my tongue in your ear. That’s the nature of it. You do not commit to anything. And. You commit everything to everything. Somewhere on your body is that place you like to itch. Scratch it and move on.