Do any of you feel racist whenever you do the laundry?

Do you?

My husband and I joke about this. We call each other racist when we mention “about to do a load of white” or whatever.

Basically any time the words “white”, “black”, or “color” come up in conversation the other person cries out “racist” in mock horror.

I am reminded, of course, of the scene from We Were Soldiers where the wife mentions she found a nice laundromat but they don’t let you wash your colors there. The sign said “whites only”. :woman_facepalming:

Then again, I never feel racist.

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Everyone and everything in our house is racist.

We’re racists when we use vanilla extract. We’re racists because all our snow is white. We’re racist because we make black tires do all the work carrying us around. We’re racists because we put black shingles on the roof to get rained on, snowed on, hailed on, catch leaves and bits of branches off the trees, crapped on by birds, baked by the sun, etc. There are countless such reasons why we’re racists.

So yeah, we’re racist when it comes to laundry. Free guess what color the washer and dryer are. (From the prior owner and we won’t get new ones.)

Chicken is racist- white meat and dark meat? What’s up with that?

That’s another one my husband and I have fun with. Especially because I am white and prefer white meat and he is black and prefers dark meat. So we’re both racists.

Because I separate the whites from the colors? Or because my laundromat has a strict “No Hispanics” policy?

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No, why would I?

I suppose I’m always a little racist, but I’m not very self-reflective when I’m doing the laundry.

Also, i don’t separate the whites from the coloreds. I separate the clothes i want to wash in hot water from everything else. Modern fabric dyes are excellent, and except for brand new red things, I haven’t had trouble with colors bleeding in decades.

I like to wash the underpants, socks, and enough other stuff that doesn’t mind hot water to make a medium load in hot. Some of the underpants are black, most are white. Socks run the gamut. The other stuff that doesn’t need hot water comes in all colors, too, of course.


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I think you mean “colors” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In the context of “do you feel racist”?

And I think I do talk about the colored clothing, not about “colors”, in the rare cases when it comes up.

I used to feel racist All the time, but the Tide has turned lately and now I feel Fab


Cheer to you in this new Era.


I’m glad to have Gain this newfound knowledge

Nope, I don’t feel racist at all when I do laundry. And I don’t feel racist nor sexist when I sleep in my master bedroom.

Sometimes I refer to my dog as my sweet or pretty black girl and then think it’d be weird if someone overheard.

Same with using the phrase “white milk” to differentiate from chocolate milk.

Nearly all of the dogs I’ve had have been black, or predominantly black, and I’ve never talked to them using their color as part of the “pretty puppy” talk. I think it’s weird reading about it. As for the two Golden Retrievers during my childhood, they both had “typical” Golden names, Nugget and Penny.

I also think I would say regular milk, but we haven’t had chocolate milk in our house in a decade so what do I know? :joy:

Now I feel awkward.

Glad to be down to only 2 kinds of milk.


I am sensitive to my black dog. I call him an Arfican American.