DNGAF Friday

First latte of the season on the sbux patio!!! And Monday is Victoria Day, so I DNGAFlyinF what happens!!!

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Ugh, nobody is really bothering me for much right now, and the weather is so nice, zero fucks will be given today.

Except I need to go to the DMV and renew my tags today.


Ho hum, full day for me but I’m off next week.

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Graduation is tonight at my school. My lab location has a couple “6 year seniors” who finally made it! :grin:

Students get to choose which staff member hands them their diploma when their name is called. I have 4 this year!


That seems like an awful lot of work to coordinate either:

  • arranging for the “who hands them their diploma” during alphabetical announcements of the graduates, or
  • reordering the graduates by “who hands them their diploma” and then the audience is left wondering when little Tyler is going to be on stage and missing the big moment because they just stepped out for a quick smoke.

Don’t have enough Fs to cook, so we’re ordering Domino’s tonight!!! :yum:

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Kind of the second one, actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pissed though about why one of my 4 wasn’t there. I guess some delayed legal trouble from over a year ago flared up, and some judge decided to be a total doosh about it just because he has face tattoos. :rage: He was on track to graduate too. wtf (even his PO said that that was one of the worst hearings he had ever seen)


Not givin’ a royal F today. Not even a :rat: 's :peach:.

About 30mins of Fs remaining, then I’m hopping on a plane to Seattle

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Last Friday of the school year. Kids are happy. I got an early release from work, so I’m happy too.


PTO - absolutely no business Fs today!