DMAC Grading

Can use this to track DMAC grading time

Submitted 12/14; MMR 12/17 - that was FAST!

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Good luck and enjoy the FAC. Or are those virtual right now?

Yea, they’re virtual - which is a bummer. Sounds like the virtual experience isn’t quite the same. But I should also just be happy to be done with exams!

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Submitted: 8/16
Status: Waiting

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Submitted: 8/16
Status: Waiting

Submitted: 8/11
Status: Met Maximum Expectations 9/8/21

As in my expectations. Wasn’t expecting to get an MMR - I never do on the first try for some vague reason… But this time was different.

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Submitted 8/16
MMR 9/21

Looks like two people got their DMAC submissions graded in the past few days, ~30 days after submission.

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Submitted on 12/8 and am still waiting. By looks of the tracking sheet, the mid-November submissions are currently being graded, so hoping for an early/mid-January MMR grade!

I can’t open the spreadsheet on my phone, but has anyone gotten grades back recently? I just submitted on 1/24 but I’m curious what grading times are looking like.

Negative for any results on my end (12/8 submission). Haven’t seen any other updates to the spreadsheet since 1/3 for an 11/22 submission. Really hoping grading starts up again soon.

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Anyone know if I’d get automatic DNMMR if I use a supervisor that has only been an FSA for 2.75 years and not 3? FSA in 2019 though so technically 3 calendar years. Just not sure how they look at these things.

Just submitted, come on graders!

The Google doc doesn’t work for me, but submitted 1/24 got my MMR email this morning 3/9

Submitted 2/21, MMR 4/6! Career ASA no longer!


Seems like DMAC grading has stalled out according to the spreadsheet, has anyone reached out to the SOA lately?

I haven’t, but yeah the wait times are approaching some of the longest ever (at least on the spreadsheet). I’m at 62 days.

Just found out I passed the Pension Projection Module today. Now waiting on DMAC. It’s only been 2 weeks since I submitted.

For the Pension Proj module I got an email that I passed similar to the emails you get when passing the FAP modules. This is the first time I got an email for passing an FSA module. The other 2 just showed up on my transcript. Anyone know why sometimes you get the email and sometimes not?

Also waiting on RETDAC that I wrote in April. Mid-July will either be a party or a cry…haha.

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Submitted today. Updated the Google doc. Would be nice to hear back before exam results come out.