Discourse app

You can find a link on the home page

I love having this!!

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Yeah, it’s great. I’ve read that the biggest problem is that it doesn’t have push notifications, which I guess is important to some folks. But I don’t use my phone for apps like that very much so I’ve not noticed a deficiency that way.

If it did, I’d turn them off! I hate those!!!

I have a separate ring tone and text tone for my kids - so that if I hear my phone, I can tell if it’s them. Otherwise, I answer it on my own time.

The last thing I need are apps constantly interrupting my day!

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Your phone rings? Huh.

When you have 5 kids going in 5 different directions?! YES!! :sweat_smile:

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Mine probably rings too. I just don’t pay any attention to it.

My spouse is on the phone 24/7 between calls to family, text, and her apple watch. The most use my phone gets is using it to stream music when I’m driving back and forth to work.

Funnily enough though, I ride my email. I’m never more than minutes away. My kids otoh, probably don’t check their email even daily, maybe weekly.

My work e-mail pushes to my phone. I can check my personal e-mail on my phone, but I don’t haev it notify me.

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Another plug for the Discourse app. It’s really handy.

Discourse app for Android
Discourse app for Iphone/Ipad