Dirty Politics

This is how you steal control of the Florida Senate.

  • Create a small pac named “truth”.
  • Create a pseudonym “proclivity” to fund “truth”
  • Have “truth” pay random people to run in key races.
    (Bonus points: find a person with the same last name as the D candidate.)
  • The people you pay don’t need to campaign at all. Just so long as they show up on the ballot. They can’t win anyway.
  • Advertise that these random people are radical and progressive, both to drive up R votes and suck up D votes.
  • The advertisements don’t need to bear on reality in anyway, they don’t even need to be the same race.

This is next level deception really. Especially since districts will be redrawn since we just had a census.

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Will they use a pen or pencil? And with what color? :wink:

All the best maps are done in sharpie

This is a great example of why I am such a strong proponent of transparency. Dark money in politics funding races, and business buying local and hiding behind corporates is like undiagnosed untreated malignant cancer. It infects everything, only serves itself, and will destroy the body before you even know anything is wrong.


Unfortunately it’s the dry erase kind though.

The Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court ruined politics and these politicians will never give the power back that it gave them.

I’m less convinced money has such a direct impact on the results after the 2020 election. Bloomberg couldn’t even get Florida in the D column.

I think dark money has more impact on the primaries than the main event. This has especially been true of Republicans who believe that climate change is real.

I’m less concerned about the magnitude of the impact on the voters as I am the magnitude of the impact on the politicians. When someone can easily give several million dollars to help people get elected they have those people’s ears when it’s time to govern. I’m not sure that’s good for our country.

There might be less super trolling like above, if there was more tansparency. Money generally comes from people who have a reputation to protect. Then again maybe people would never care enough to follow the money even if there were paper receipts.

In a way I see the above as a result of the 2016 Russian meddling. Not that the Russians did anything this time around, but they taught the major parties some next-level dirt.

Hopefully though the less impact money has on swaying voters the less the politicians feel beholden to the donors.

Yeah I certainly agree in transparency being beneficial and am supportive of that and disappointed by Citizens United, I more just take comfort in the potentially limited power of money in politics based on recent elections, but certainly it shouldn’t even have that opportunity.

Doubtful. Money is still critical in winning primaries and fighting off primary challenges.