Dipshits in New York


SEE IT: Queens Republicans dance without masks at holiday bash - New York Daily News (nydailynews.com)

psssst, guy with the Trump 2020 MAGA flag, HE LOST!!!

in looking at them, for a lot of those people, are they thinking, well, I made it to 100 already, so whatever, COVID PARTY!!!

In fairness I don’t think republicans have a monopoly on embarrassingly breaking the COVID rules

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AO fan wants to be outraged.

very easy for her this year due to mask controversy and how obvious it is which side people are on.

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doing a conga line with a flag of the really stupid slogan of a losing candidate while still in denial that he won’t be president absent a coup seems pretty unique to republicans.

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I dont’ really get the “controversy”. You have a right not to wear a mask? Maaaaaaybe. But it doesn’t matter. Wear a fricking mask anyway when you’re around people.

This is the most appropriate thread that I could find to put this:

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