Digital Diplomas

Kind of disappointed in this. Who would actually prefer a digital diploma to a paper one?

that’s why it’s an option.

I mean, I suppose we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m guessing the vendor won’t be providing printed diplomas for free.

might be able to print it yourself

I can’t imagine the physical diploma will cost enough that that’s a major consideration.

When actuaries had offices and hung diplomas on their walls, having a nice physical diploma was important. I’m not sure it is any longer.

At least it’s not an NFT?

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I threw my paper diploma in the trash the day it arrived.

Oof. You’re even more edgy than I am. My undergrad diploma never got framed, it went right in the filing cabinet, which is where my masters degree will go later this year. But throwing out actuarial credential certification? That’s hardcore.

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I’m trying to figure out what value a virtual diploma has over the ability of anyone to contact the CAS and find out whether you have credentials, though. And they’ve done that for decades, probably since they started.

I have my MAAA and FSA framed and hanging on my wall in my WFH office. I did however trim one of them down so they are both the same size so that they could have matching frames.

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lol same. I framed my MAAA. Dollar not well spent.

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I learned my lesson from my undergrad diploma that never came out of the envelope except the day it arrived in the mail and then for years, i carefully packed and moved that thing around the country with me.

I have my grandfather’s diplomas somewhere. My mom asked me to hang onto them when my grandmother died. When my mom died, I threw out hers and my dad’s.

some diplomas came from the school in small form, inside a case. i left them in that case.

professional diplomas remain in the cardboard tube they were delivered in. every now and then i point to it if discussing the credential i earned.

Coming up on ACAS here and while I will probably not frame my diploma, I still want a physical copy that at the very least I can have and show off in the beginning when it is still exciting.

For me there is no fun in showing people a photo on my phone of a diploma.

I had both FSA and MAAA certificates embedded in beautiful wood. Over the next few years, the signatures faded in the light (which left me wondering why the signature ink wasn’t more permanent). Now they look unsigned.

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Get it signed by your favorite celebrity

credentials rescinded

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I have two FCAS diplomas. :wink:

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Tbh I’m more proud of my FCAS than my undergrad diploma.