Different Types of Term Insurance Products

What are the different types of Term insurance products that are currently sold in the USA? One famous type is ART/YRT Term product, what are the other types of Term Products?

The reason I’m asking this is because I am trying to model TERM Net Premium Reserve (NPR) method under PBR. And I want to know, what are the different types of Term Products available, that I could model.

Also, are there any term products that are issued for finite years with fixed annual premiums? For eg: A product that charges $100 each year, for 10 years against a Sum Assured of $100,000.

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That’s actually the most common kind. 5 year level premium, 10 year, 20 year 30 year.

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Also, level term policies usually have a provision to continue as YRT after the level period. Some policies guarantee the premium rate, while others do not (or only guarantee it for a certain number of years).

Decreasing term - starts at $100K and declines over time like a mortgage balance.
Step level - $x for first 5 years, increases to $y for the next 5, etc.

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Thanks @CuriousGeorge.

I have one more question, if you could provide some input that would be really helpful.

Do you need to calculate the K factor Calculation for policies that have level premium for fixed duratuion and has no YRT?