Design my next tat

For my undergrad, I got the apv for term life insurance on my left forearm. I want something in the right when I get my master’s of math teaching.

I was thinking of getting the unit circle, but instead of flat, doing it around my forearm.

I’m also considering doing more of a sleeve this time, on the premise that nothing inspires shock and awe like a sleeve of math eqns.

So if I do a sleeve, what else should I do in addition to the unit circle?

proof by pic 1

Visual proof of \Sigma_{n=1}^\infty\frac1{4^n}=1/3

a Mandelbrot set. Those are awesome and offer incredible opportunity for cool graphics.

e^(i pi) - 1 = 0

do a fibonacci spiral / golden ratio:

do a gravitational potential energy well:

how about a Venn Diagram of the three ESSENTIAL descriptors of you:

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Euler’s Identity is sooo overdone as a tat.

By the way, I’m currently wearing an Euler’s Identity t-shirt.

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How about a putty tat?

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Like the chick that got a tattoo of Travis’ t-shirt…can’t remember exactly what it was…a bunch of math equations bounded by a cardioid or something like that…probably too much for an arm…although if is in the shape of a cardioid and is considered a “sleeve” then you can say that you wear your heart on your sleeve…LITERALLY!

I still have that shirt but it’s getting worn out.

I second the suggestion of Mandelbrot set or some other fractal. Would look awesome imo.

my tattoo is 3 Sierpinski triangles inside a hexagon with the words “LOVE THY SELF KNOW THY SELF” around the perimeter.

I’ve seen a really nice golden spiral shoulder.

If you did any really hard ass math, this is a good chance to literally flex your understanding of a tough equation.

Sorry, how is this the visual proof? I see a bunch of boxes.

How about the visual proof of The Pythagorean Theorem? requires two boxes.

Pythagorean proof : This proof uses squares of equal sizes to show the desired relation. There is some manipulation of the squares required in this proof. (Image source: File:Pythagore.jpg - Wikipedia) Pythatorean proof

Depends a lot on what OP will be teaching, IMO.

This one looks cool!!!


If you don’t design it in Excel is it even an actuarial tattoo?


Be sure to include some vba for extra actuarial cred.

What is that, a wave function?


You could have all of the Tromey integers inked onto your arm.

I think this is more clear.



Nope, not seeing how it adds to 1/3. I could be an idiot.

I know how the math works.

Ah. I see is better in the wiki link.

Each colored (white, black, grey) section is 1/3 of the total square.

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The triangle inequality would be a good choice.

Also, maybe a complete proof that root 2 is irrational.

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