Desert Island

If you were banished to a desert island for no less than four years, which GoA poster would you take with you, and why?

And, if the question was changed to be a deserted island, not a desert island, would that change your answer?

Mmm, dessert island…

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I was hoping to get stranded on a dessert island.



I’d make an alt and then take myself. :upside_down_face:


Or, I’d make Paige Spiranac an alt and then take her. :heart_eyes:

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What about a dessert island ?

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I’d sign my wife up for an account and take her.

That’s a little bit like wishing for unlimited wishes, so then I’d take @Jables . We may not survive but at least I’d be entertained.

They have to be actual active posters of GoA, so yes, that’s cheating.

first thought was someone I find attractive, then realized, better is someone who would find me attractive. but putting those needs aside, someone like Spacelobster who seems to have survival skills


No fair taking everybody on the AO!



You do realize that I have the power to fix this, right?


Not that I intend to use such powers for personal gratification

I would pick the #s guy. He is quick to like posts, so I figure that means he would be quick to laugh at my jokes, and that is all I really need in a companion.


I’m too tired to think. Where’s the poll?

Yeah, yeah, TWSS

@Echo !!!

Oh yeah, definitely @Echo !