Descriptions for Watching / Tracking / Normal / Muted

Every single description is the same. It seems to be whichever the accurate description is for the setting of the thread at the time I clicked on the thread. But if I want to change… they all have the same description.

Using an iPhone to access the site. It’s been this way for at least a few days. Haven’t tested on a PC.

Have you checked it in a thread you haven’t created? I don’t think you can mute threads you create.
This is from this thread

And this is from a thread I created

The difference seems to be based on the creation of the thread. If I am the creator, I can’t mute it.

I agree with Celalta.

Watching = send me immediate notification (e.g., email) when a new reply is made in this thread; in addition to what’s done in Tracking.

Tracking = Show me a quick summary of the number of replies in this thread when I’m viewing it in any list of “new” items.

Normal = Nothing special happens.

Muted = Don’t show this thread to me in any view that shows me threads.

With that said, I do wonder if the underlying software does make a distinction between Watching/Tracking and Normal for threads-you-create. I do see that in this instance, Muting being disabled.

I have tried it in other threads. That’s why I started this one.

Can you do a screen capture from a thread that you did not start?

Perhaps this one that you’ve not posted in at all?

I was doing screen shots in one that I did not post in while you were posting that. See above.

Ok. I don’t think it’s related to the description shown for the option when you’re looking to decide what level of notification you want; it’s the message shown after you make a selection.

On a PC, I’m seeing the following text regardless of what level of notification I select:

You will be notified if someone mentions your @name or replies to you.

Even when I select Muted I get the above text (which I wouldn’t expect).


I did some other testing just now.

@twig93, after selecting a particular level of tracking, have you tried to exit the thread and go back in to see what text appears?

I did notice that when I select different levels, the text stays the same until I leave the thread and go back in. At that point, the message changes.

I suggest not doing it with Mute since doing so will remove the thread from any queues for you (and will need a link to that thread to go back in and change it).

Yeah, I don’t think anything changed in that regard. The description for all four is whatever is the appropriate description for the option that was actively selected at the time you opened the thread. But if you want to see what the other options are you must select the option, exit the thread, and then come back to the thread for each option whose description you want to see. Kind of tedious.

Okay. Sounds like an iPhone (possibly Android?) issue more than a PC issue.

Probably true.