Dental food for humans

I see that there’s a thing called dental food you can give to your pets, like you give it to them and you don’t have to brush their teeth or something?

Is there anything like that for humans? I’m here using a toothbrush like a sucker.


Have wondered about this for years. If they can make a breakfast cereal that is tartar control and caffeinated, it will be a big deal. Right?


I would buy that.

By the way, I think the dental food for dogs doesn’t really work. I give my dog dental bones and she still has tartar on her teeth.


I think dental food for humans is called raw vegetables, and the humans usually just spit them back out.

If you only needed teeth for 15 years I imagine you have more options.


Back in the 1980s there was fluoride chewing gum.

I chew raw steak bones

I find apples do a decent job of cleaning junk off my teeth, personally.

I remember a Beetlejuice cartoon where Beetlejuice says, while holding an apple, “Natures Toothbrush”