Denis Villeneuve's Dune (2021)

How is this not a topic yet? And Why didn’t @Vorian_Atreides start it?

I’m supremely pumped for this movie. I’m very rarely here any longer, and am having discussions elsewhere online, but I just discovered a family tree of the Duniverse, noticed the name “Vorian Atreides”, and thought, wait, where have I seen that name before? Then it dawned on me. :scream:


I’m also excited for this. Also amazed at the naming connection.

Not to diverge from the topic, but where ELSE online could you possibly want to be??


I’ve read the books . . . Haven’t kept up too much on the movie aspect of things, though.

Someday, I’ll get to reading through the “supplementary” stories that Brian & Kevin have put out on the origins of the different groups. Just haven’t had time (or found the books in my local library; but it’s sort of next on my reading lists).

I’m still wrapping up the first book myself having never read it previously. But I didn’t even register the ‘Atriedes’ in your name. Feels bad.

“House Atreides” becomes more pronounced in the subsequent novels.

I would suggest reading through Chapter House: Dune, but then read the prequels on the Butlerian Jihad before reading the final set of books, though.

And TBH, you can skip Dune Messiah in the first read through. Children of Dune is where “Act 2” really begins.

I could never make it through the book or the first movie.
What’s wrong with me? I love sci-fi.

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Which one? The 1984 version? If so, I can see why you’d not make it through it. I watched it when I was 15 and actually got enough visuals for some of the more esoteric things that I was able to read the book. Watching it a few years ago . . . terrible acting by the good guys; AWESOME acting by the bad guys. But the extreme obsession over the giant worms would only make sense to those who actually read the books. (And makes more sense in Children of Dune and God Emperor Dune.)

There was a three-part mini-series that I think was far better than the 1984 movie–at least it was more aligned with the book than the movie. (BTW, the movie was made with input from Frank Herbert and its ending had his blessing.)

I’m interested in seeing the new movie. Not sure if I’ll see it in the theaters though.

Side Note: When I do read the novel, I do have the imagery of the actors from the 1984 movie for the characters, especially for the bad guys.

A Doctor Who forum. I haven’t done actuarial work for 13 years, and about the only thing I was involved in on the DWS forum for the last several years was the Battle of the Bands.

Moderation is much more robust at the Doctor Who forum, too. (Again, I’m comparing to the old DWS - I have no idea how things are here.)

I refuse! :slight_smile: I’m a completist by nature. (It’s a blessing and a curse.) And it would go against my mild CDO to skip or read out of order.

Also, I bought the first three in a collection, so I might as well:

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Incidentally, I had watched the 1984 version several times as a child. I was fascinated by the ideas presented. And the movie was just weird and wacky and had cool “noise guns” and giant worms and a disgustingly diseased, fat, gay dude as a bad guy and one of the good guys was, perplexingly, a psychopathic toddler. And Sting was in it! (Which is probably one of the aspects that drew me to it in the first place.)

Yeah, I probably would have enjoyed Zardoz at that point in my life too, had I known of its existence. Weird, wacky, and I was oblivious to the bad in the movie. Oh to be young again…

I watched it again recently. It was one of the most awful sci-fi movies I’ve ever seen. :frowning:

Also, I don’t remember seeing the pugs when I was younger. Just having the pugs seems completely bonkers.

I agree. Completely OTT villains are a joy to watch as well as portray, even in awful movies. Even if completely detached from reality. Muahaha indeed. But the dialogue of the good guys often seemed out of context because so much had to be cut from the novel to make it a two-hour speed-run.

I keep going back and forth, because I’m trying to prepare myself for the movie. I’m currently reading it for the second time now. (I only got around to the first read-through last fall.) Some characters are easier to imagine with 2021 cast, particularly the Atreides. But I’ve seen very little of the new Thufir Hawat, and the casting just doesn’t seem old enough. So an old lump with comical eyebrows it is.

Oh! Screen Junkies did an Honest Trailer for Dune (1984). It’s great.

Last bit is NSFW, though, so fair warning:


Agree with this. I’ll end up going through them in order. Need to get back to finishing Wheel of TIme though. Needed something new after book 7, so this was a nice break.

Read Dune about 50 years ago so was looking forward to this movie. Not disappointed at all. Only saw it on a small screen on an airplane today so will rewatch it on a big screen eventually. However even on an iPad it was enjoyable.

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