Democrats Say the Darndest Things!

We need both sides.

This is harder than I thought.

I’ll go with #420day from the majority leader.


Don’t try to force it. Let it happen naturally. I’d hardly think this one counts.

FL Agriculture Commissioner is suing Biden over impact of medical cannabis usage on gun permits. Commissioner Fried. No word if Commissioner Baked is joining lawsuit. OK, so she didn’t say anything funny. Come to think of it, I probably didn’t either.

Democrat calls out republican for saying the darndest thing?

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But of course we should believe the WH Press Secretary over our own lying eyes:

If that’s one of the best “darndest things” that can be found, the Democrats must be pretty awesome!

BTW - the flub she had was saying the video she was referring to was about people on “planes”, which she had to fix because the video only showed people on “one plane”. She never said anything about there not being other videos or other planes.

I think the Twitter accounts of a handful of current Republican members of congress alone could outpace the content made available for this thread.

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This is a little dated, but in an interview back in January, commissioner Fried compared DeSantis to Hitler. When told that many might find this comparison “offensive” she doubled down:

Apparently last night she compared her gubernatorial campaign to John Lewis & MLKJr fighting for civil rights. I’ll post a link when I can find a good one with the direct quote.

Maybe we should start a ‘Marcie says the darndest things’ thread.

It’s just one example. I never said it was the only example, or “one of the best.”

And she was clearly trying to minimize the public reaction we all saw by saying “there was the [singular definite article] video of people on the planes, the plane, the one plane…”

But I appreciate the gaslighting attempt. Thanks.


If there are more, better examples, you should put your effort into posting those.

This is a brand new thread. I post them as I see them, and I’m not planning on putting any effort into it at all.


I am ok with the approach so far.

The Jen Psaki thing is a a bit silly for other reasons…sure, there is more than one video, but they all seem to show the same thing - a minority of passengers vocally celebrating, and what seems like a generally unpleasant mood afterwards for most. But that is America these days where many find a “fuck your feelings” attitude to be a positive personal attribute, well at least enough to act like an a bit of an ass in a confined space that you will be sharing with strangers for the next couple of hours.


You and I have seen different videos, I think.

I clicked your link with “17 videos” and watched the first 5 or so. I looked again. Maybe “all” was incorrect as the first one seemed to have a rowdy crowd that supported it (probably flying to/from Vegas…haha) but most of them seemed pretty mixed. It is hard to tell what is really going on when you are recording the back of the seat in front of you.

I thought her response was outstanding, especially since it calls out the hypocrisy of people who claim to be God-fearing Christians who won’t hesitate to demonize others for … anything.