Delta 8 aka weed light

I was reading about the cannabinoid delta 8, an isomer of THC (delta 9). Supposedly it’s federally legal, and legal in most states depending on the wording of state law. It’s a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp, so it generally gets treated like CBD under the law rather than synthetic compounds.

Who’s tried it here? Thoughts? Supposedly it’s a weaker intoxicant than delta 9, but with similar uplifting effects on mood and body.

aren’t there like 400 different kinds of cannabinoids? And each weed/hemp strain has like a gazillion different combinations.

I think the effects of individual chemicals are scarcely studied. That’s why crude categorization like indica and sativa are completely meaningless.

I tried it. High is relatively comparable, but not as intense at similar amounts. I’m surprised it’s legal in my state.