Delta 8 aka weed light

I was reading about the cannabinoid delta 8, an isomer of THC (delta 9). Supposedly it’s federally legal, and legal in most states depending on the wording of state law. It’s a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp, so it generally gets treated like CBD under the law rather than synthetic compounds.

Who’s tried it here? Thoughts? Supposedly it’s a weaker intoxicant than delta 9, but with similar uplifting effects on mood and body.

aren’t there like 400 different kinds of cannabinoids? And each weed/hemp strain has like a gazillion different combinations.

I think the effects of individual chemicals are scarcely studied. That’s why crude categorization like indica and sativa are completely meaningless.

I tried it. High is relatively comparable, but not as intense at similar amounts. I’m surprised it’s legal in my state.

i bought it at a stand in the mall in a red state. i was shocked it’s legal and all in the mall. they have fun flavors. i’m not sure it’s all that different than the effects of marijuana, but also find the effects of vaping marijuana to be pretty subtle until i cough uncontrollably and want to die.

I missed this thread when it was created. It’s legal here and there is a store two blocks from my house.

I actually prefer this to what I could get in Colorado. Everything there is like 22% THC, and I’m a lightweight. Delta 8 still has a nice buzz without putting me on the couch for four hours.

Delta 8 goes from Tokyo to LAX - I’d like to try it sometime

me too. Need to look it up in my city.

so there is a psychoactive effect? mmm

just go to a mall stand near you!

To me (YMMV) it’s basically the same as ‘regular’ weed, just less strong. It’s probably really similar to the schwag that everyone smoked in the 1960s, in terms of potency.

If you’re used to (and like) the current crop of weed that’s 20%+ THC, this stuff won’t excite you. It’s like vodka vs beer.

i don’t know. I mean, this sconnie lady who can totally handle her booze (of course) was made to feel woozy on the delta 8!

There is a good point in there about how it’s made and potentially nasty things in the final product. You do want to look up the companies and make sure they are running lab tests to check for those things. And yeah, they could lie, it’s a bit of cat and mouse trying to find a brand you trust.

I forgot what brand I have, haven’t bought any in quite some time.

takes a drag of delta 8

mmmmm gingerbread flavor!

not ao fan being a pothead

Oh, I thought we were talking about Delta Airlines Flight 8. I guess this is a different kind of “mile high club.” Never mind.