Dear Leaders

I need a place to say Fuck. Is there such a place here?

Come on baby tell me
Yes we aim to please

wanna settle down
It’s time to bring you down
On just one knee, for now
Let’s make our vows

Serious answer: I’m not sure that anyone cares. I vaguely remember a convo we had about this and IIRC the consensus was, mostly don’t care unless it’s egregious.
If it was a problem, I could always activate the word censor, but really, that’s just getting stupid amongst a bunch of adults.
though that reminds me, I had one word censor in place that I thought was hilarious, but it got discovered quite a while ago. Maybe I should put another one in. (I forced the word moron to show up as moron). See, it works. Also, hilarious, unless that’s one of those things where I’m sitting in my office laughing to myself when no one else is.


I’m the churchiest of church ladies according to my kids, and I am no longer offended by that word.

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I don’t care about use of that word. IIRC there was some concern about using potentially offensive words in thread titles though.

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not a problem as a word here unless directed at another person.


I think the general rule of thumb is to be professional in the professional threads; so probably avoid profanity there.

And to @tommie.frazier’s comment, so long as it’s not used to give the appearance of insulting/denigrating another poster (i.e., moderators have the final say on this evaluation), there’s not going to be any repercussions.