Daily Fasting Diet

I’ve been trying this (not always perfect) for at least a year now, eating in an 8-hour window, fasting for the other 16. This one says it’s also the timing. We are usually done eating dinner by 6-7PM, and I break my fast 16 hours later.

Not sure how “small” these studies were (always less credibility (actuarially) there).
But I have dropped 12 or so pounds (pending today’s post baby-back ribs and mashed potatoes dinner), 6% of my body weight, in a year and a half. Should get my cholesterol checked, as I did see a thread I created on that, and promptly forgot.

So, who’s fasting with me? And not just today for Yom Kippur?

i think fasting is the key to longevity. But it’s hard!