CS's Other Group

This is my group.


Doesn’t seem like a very private group…

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It’s not yet. Hold on - I’m trying to remember how these work! :rofl:

I was only part of 1 active social group on the AO, and I’d recreate it here if we’re able to get them working.

Currently I’m the only one who can set up a private group and give others permission to join it.

If you want to set up a private group, send me a message with the name of the group and who you want in it. And I will set it up.

I will work with Glenn to see if there is a way for folks to manage their own groups. I’m sure there is, I just don’t know what it is yet.

enjoy it while it lasts BF

Do you want a group? I’ve learned how to set them up and then pass “ownership” over to someone else to manage users.

Currently this is not a “private” group still.

this isn’t a group at all. this is a thread.

The OP either disagrees or is incorrect.

This is a public thread in the Private Groups Category.

If you want a Private Group you have to let me know. I can set up your group, make you the owner, then you can decide how you want to let folks in or out. You can let anyone in, by invitation only, or you can let folks request membership. You can opt to have the list of members visible or invisible to others. And you can change these settings.

Once you have your Private Group set up, then I set up a Private Sub-category under Private Groups. I make it accessible only to those in your Private Group. So it’s essentially a little “private forum” where you can create threads, etc. but only those in your group can see them.

Can I please get this turned into a private group?