Credit where credit's due - Name all the good things Trump did

Ready, Start, Go!

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Locking down the country at all.

Commuting life sentence of Alice Marie Johnson after meeting with Kim Kardashian

made twitter great again

Too soon, man.

The tax cuts weren’t a good thing overall, but I do like that the new structure results in me no longer worrying about whether to use the standard or itemized deductions.

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See? You did it! Good job!

It buuuuuuurns!

He hasn’t launched a nuclear missile yet.

Didn’t start any wars

He played twice ae much golf as Obama, thereby giving himself fewer opportunities to screw up the country.

This is not the place for sarcasm!

Everything I wrote was true. You merely read it with my sarcastic voice.

The Bahrain-Israel normalization agreement seems like a good thing.

I’m not sure exactly how involved he was or how it might look differently had Hillary Clinton been POTUS instead, but he’s in all of the pictures, so I assume that he must have done something that at a minimum didn’t derail the progress that was made. I honestly haven’t followed that story as closely as I might have, but my father frequently reminds me how historic and important it is and how Trump doesn’t get enough credit for it.

ETA: Wikipedia lists Trump as the mediator, so it sounds like he deserves a little credit at least



Trump passed the First Step Act. That was a good thing.

He helped to confirm that several of my friends and family were racist dumbshits. I had suspected but kept giving the benefit of the doubt. Now there is no doubt and I can write them off without feeling bad.

Thanks Trump!


No new wars will be the best legacy from his presidency.


The one good thing I can think of:

He signed an order (surely not developed by him) to develop a task force to do a good thing.

He also made a lot of material for late-night shows, although it got repetitive. I still enjoyed some of it, like getting onto Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

Yep. Also, capping SALT.

TBH, both of these were probably Paul Ryan. I doubt that Trump understands the first. Trump probably decided the second was a good idea when someone explained that most of the people with big SALT deductions were East coast Democrats. But, Trump signed the law.

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