Craigslist flakes

I get rid of stuff all the time on CL. Usually give it away free because it’s trash to me but potentially useful to someone else. And especially if I’d have to pay to get rid of it, I post it for free and someone comes and takes it away.

But quite regularly, and this happened today, I’m met by

Flake: I can be there in 30 mins.
Me: Ok. I will hold it for you for 45 minutes.
(45 minutes goes by)
Me: I’m moving on
Flake: I’m 15 minutes away.
Me: Ok. Here is address:
(20 minutes goes by)
Flake: I’m 2 minutes away.
(15 minutes goes by)
Me: Sorry bro, you’re out

Next guy came when he said he would and even cleaned up my driveway after he loaded the stuff!

Why do people do that? Is it entertaining for them? The above was from today. In the past I’ve let people string me along for hours until I realized CL is full of them.

Girl, have you tried hooking up on CL? That is next level flake.

Oh I bet! I’ve not tried that but I did online dating years ago after my divorce. That was … an experience! (Met my SO though, so I guess it’s all good.)

Never free when selling used stuff online. Free is like a magnet for crazy.

We’ve just cleaned out a ton of stuff and my SO put it all on a local facebook buy and sell. Small town, so less craziness and a lot faster. Sold most of the stuff same day, with almost no drama.

I sold a trailer for $1600. Put an add on kijiji (like craigslist). Here’s the full conversation:
Them: $800?
Me: $2300. (maybe that wasnt’ called for)
Them: $1000?
Me;: Ghost them.

Yeah, I should probably put a price on it just to cut down on the crazy. But for stuff that really isn’t worth anything, idk.

Today I was giving away 8 foot sections of 4 foot fence. It was old and worn. But I guess still useful to some.

The real question is: Since I gave it away for free, how much can the guy make his neighbor pay for putting it up???

Put it out near the street, then put an ad on Craig’s List as “first come first served.”
Don’t put any contact info.
Leave a note on the fence sections “Free.”

Depending on your neighborhood rules, of course. I’ve tried this with furniture and got nice notes telling me not to do it.
I usually take stuff to my MiL’s house, where scavengers roam the streets looking for items left near the street. Picked up within a few hours there.

Yeah, that wouldn’t fly with my HOA. Plus, I don’t want to just post my address to the free world. And it’s silly to have folks drive all the way over here if it’s gone.

If I lived in a place with a higher scavenger rate though, I’d do that.

I don’t understand how America reconciles freedoms and so many completely anti-freedom activities they participate in…like HOA’s. Karen down the street isn’t going to tell me what colour to paint my garage door.

It’s the whole stuck up concept of having “good” and “bad” neighborhoods. Ultimately it boils down to racial and wealth disparities.

Someone living with a nice house doesn’t want a slum house built next to them.
Someone with a BLM flag doesn’t want someone with a Nazi flag next to them.

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Maybe they’d get there faster if you gave a valid address instead of “(20 minutes goes by)”

By the way, for the same reasons as you, I give this advice free.

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Same shit happens on FB Marketplace.