CPD Requirements

This is the first year I need to attest after getting my ASA. Is anyone else confused by the CPD requirements?

I was under the impression I’d be able to count my FSA exam attempts as structured credit, but I’m realizing that may only count for people applying Section B. I’m located in the US so does that mean I can’t use Section B?

The instructions on the SOA website are really unclear.

If you practice in the US, you should be following the USQS https://www.actuary.org/content/us-qualification-standards

I don’t remember what that translates to for the SOA attestation.

Although, while the USQS counts all study time as CE, it doesn’t count any of it as “organized” unless it actually WAS organized. That is, if you attended a review class (in person or on line) in real time, with other people who work for different employers, and you were all allowed to ask questions – then that time counts as organized. But the time you spent watching TIA videos or reading the source material only counts as unorganized.

You only need 6 hours or organized CE, though, so there’s still time to attend a couple of real-time webinars.

Btw, I just started a thread on free CPD:

Hmmm, that’s really odd way of embedded links to other threads…

I’m new here as well. I have some study time in zoom courses recently that qualify me for this year and maybe next year?

But… what do you guys typically use to satisfy your CPD requirements, and how do you track the your hours?

This is helpful, but it still seems like an impossibly gray area whether a given article, book, meeting, presentation, or etc. qualifies.

Did you learn something? Is it actuarial?

There ya go.

(That just for unstructured/unorganized/whatever). I use TRACE, as I’m an MAAA.

The SOA has its own CPD tracker:

On a webinar (CPD I think). One guy is dressed up as a banana. And the presenter is dressed up as a unicorn.
that is all. I wasn’t expecting this.

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