Cowboys set interseting record vs Vikings

In the 4th quarter against, backup QB Cooper Rush threw a TD pass to Amari Cooper. That was the first time EVER in the NFL where the passers first name was the exact same as the catcher’s last name: Cooper and Cooper.

Oddly, enough, the Cowboys also have a similar record, set last year, but the first/last names reversed. Against the Vikings, too, Andy Dalton threw a TD pass to Dalton Schultz. Dalton to Dalton.

So, since around 1920, with hundreds of QBs and WRs, and thousands of TD passes, the two “records” were set by the same team just about a year apart, against the same team!


I wonder what the actuarials are on either of those happening, in general.

50/50, it either happens or it doesn’t.


NDI, this is why I failed exams in the past. Here I am trying to run data on all the combinations of first names and last names for QBs and RBs/TEs/WRs to understand how many possible combinations would fit and get a semi-precise probability on an event, and the obvious answer is sitting right in front of me.

Can’t limit it to those positions. Sometimes linemen are declared eligible receivers, and from time to time catch TD passes.

Also, QBs aren’t the only people who throw TD passes. WRs and RBs and even TEs have thrown passes and a small percentages of those go for TDs.

Don’t forget fake punts! And fake field goals. Both, very seldomly, result in TD passes.

However, you could probably leave out all those other possibilities as the total amount of those plays probably wouldn’t be statistically significant.

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If you had a QB with the same first and last name (like Sirhan Sirhan) and his pass deflected off the defense back to him and he scored, that would satisfy both.

Shocked there has never been a pair of Allen, Thomas, Mitchell, Wilson, John, Charles even Brady

Somany common names are first and last names

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Probably worthy of its own thread, but it’s related so I’ll dump it here.

Josh Allen (QB, BUF) faced Josh Allen (DE, JAX). It was the 4th time in NFL history a QB and a defensive player with the same name matched up against each other. [The others: 2x in 1950, once in 1997.]

Josh Allen (QB) was drafted 7th overall in 2018. Josh Allen (DE) was drafted 7th overall in 2019.

Josh Allen had a sack, interception and fumble recovery off Josh Allen. All NFL 1sts.

Seattle’s Wilson threw TD passes to Willson. Almost counts.