Cowboy bebop not renewed

I just read that they’re not renewing cowboy bebop. Dagnabit. I read a lot of crappy reviews, but I didn’t mind the show - figured there might be 2 or three season.
I guess it was fine for entertainment value, but critics had all sorts of problems.

Wasn’t that done in like the 90s?

We’re disappointed. It does seem there’s a class of anime fan that will not be happy with ANY live adaptation at all. It’s frustrating, as someone who just can’t get into anime.

I’m about halfway through and would say I mostly love it and wish it would continue…

But it’s hard not to notice that by far the worst parts, characters, plots are ones they added. I just watched the episode where faye had random hot lesbian sex and spike gets trapped in the most cliche dream time loop where his very boring exgirlfriend keeps haunting him and it’s soooooooooo blah.

Honestly imo you’re not missing that much. Most anime was lauded because American tv sucked at the time.