COVID-related art

COVID fan Tutte – the Finnish National Opera takes mainly Cosi fan Tutte, but also bits of other opera/music… some of the jokes are Finland-specific (particularly about the government ministers, their dresses, and waving their arms around…). There are captions in English (it’s pretty much all in Finnish)

Cartoons are art.


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Disney is art

China Locks 30,000 Visitors Inside Shanghai Disneyland After Covid-19 Case

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HONG KONG—Shanghai Disneyland was temporarily shut down from Sunday after a visitor was found to be Covid-19-positive, underscoring the economic disruption businesses in China face as the country strives to stamp out infections.

The world’s most populous nation has committed to maintaining “zero tolerance” for the virus despite criticism from business groups, a close to 80% vaccination rate, and a world which is gradually learning to live with Covid-19.

Shanghai Disneyland was required to test almost 34,000 people Sunday before visitors could leave the resort, after a woman who had attended the park a day earlier was found to be infected with Covid-19. Sunday’s visitors all tested negative but were ordered to self-isolate for another 24 hours before a second test.

The testing requirements were triggered after a woman who had visited the park on Saturday found out she was a close contact of a confirmed case. The woman was on her way home by train but stopped en route in eastern Hangzhou upon realizing that she could have been exposed to the virus. She tested positive in Hangzhou early Sunday, according to information released on government social-media accounts.

Tourists traveling between cities and provinces have hastened the spread of the virus. A retired couple from Shanghai who was on a cross-country trip tested positive for the virus on Oct. 17. The former university professors had undergone a routine test to enter the terra-cotta warrior museum in Xi’an.

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I thought Disney is art. Otherwise, I’m open to suggestions.

COVID-related Walt?