COVID mortality

I have done a variety of investigations into COVID mortality

My most recent 4:


Yes, I like shades of blue.

This is pretty good stuff. 538-worthy (if you want to get noticed).

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Well, I wouldn’t mind if other people promoted it.

But I don’t have the time to flog this stuff all over the place. Also, most people don’t want to look at death stats.

Tweeted and posted on linkedin. Because distributing quality content like that makes my profile on the platform better :).

Also, mad props to the first use of the name Makeham I’ve seen outside of a textbook.

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Yeah, me neither, sorry. But those are nice graphs. Thanks for putting them together. I hope they get some traction.

I forgot to filter on sex in my last post, so I fixed that, and have done another post with the sex breakout:

This is excellent and a pleasure to read! Regarding the Nov 7 entry:

Excess mortality for the 25-34 demographic (and to a lesser extent adjacent demographics) not explained by Covid could possibly be explained in part by the increase in crime, including homicides. It is also possible that suicides increased as well, but I don’t have that data for the US.

I am dismissing the standard “died from other medical causes due to not seeking care or an interruption in care” because I don’t see why that would disproportionately impact the 25-34 year olds.

I think it’s mainly drug overdoses and suicides. Yes, homicides are also up, but those other two usually are much bigger in magnitude.

hmmm, need to get the drug overdoses in there.

of course, heart disease and cancer are even higher (at older ages)

I’ve got to do an update to my animated gif of excess mortality… upper midwest looks awful for fall

Going to be tweet-talking mortality next Tuesday:

Join us for the SOA’s Twitter chat on Dec. 8 at 1 p.m. Eastern on mortality challenges and trends. This twitter chat on @SOActuaries will include SOA member Mary Pat Campbell, FSA, MAAA, Magali Barbieri from the Human Mortality Database, and R. Dale Hall, FSA, CERA, CFA, MAAA, SOA managing director of research. Join us Dec. 8. #SOATalksMortality

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Got a new visualization…

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new post with more visualizations (including the above gif)

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Cool post, thanks for all the interesting graphs

Explaining the tile grid map:

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The number of deaths was amazing!

I did.

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I compiled the questions threads from yesterday’s #SOATalksMortality twitter convo.

I was there for the COVID bit - the SOA & HMD folks talked the longer-term trends in U.S. mortality.

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and my own take:

Okay, I crammed enough into one post…