COVID might have been around since Sept 2019

At this rate, in a few years, it will be determined that Marco Polo brought this disease back from China 700 years ago.

The Black Plague was really the coronavirus.

The media’s gone silent on the original source of all this. My personal conspiracy theory is that someone had a malfunction in the lab, then walked home through the market.

though I guess it doesn’t matter other than if they new the source maybe they could prevent things like this in the future.

How does that track with this new information?
An “Italian” market?

There is a lab in China where they were studying a lot of animal coronaviruses. It might have accidentally gotten out.

The virus has been sequenced by literally hundreds of labs around the world. When you hear “it mutated”, that means that someone sequenced a couple of versions and compared them. It is absolutely certainly a natural, wild virus, and not something made in a lab. Every lab that’s sequenced it would know if it were man-made.

That being said, it could be the fault of someone studying it who was careless, or whose equipment malfunctioned.

I always thought it was going to be “a couple bats fell off the back of a truck”… i.e., some biolab worker took some bats out of the lab to sell in the wet market, and that’s how it got out.