COVID Early Detection

As I’ve posted a few times, this is THE MOST critical factor in reducing spread. And, of course, we’ve failed miserably.
We have heard of COVID-Sniffing Dogs.
We’ve heard of the Cough App.
Neither of these are in mass usage yet.

Now, AppleWatch MIGHT be used to detect symptoms in heartbeats that COVID-infected people have.

This one seems pretty interesting, as plenty of people already have this watch. If it means simply connecting the watch’s readings to some analyzing company, ta-da!

Anywho, this is a thread for all the current and future studies regarding early detection.

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Is there a cough app that works? I’d download that just for peace of mind before hitting the grocery store and seeing the chiropractor and such.

Sounds kooky

We’ve discussed them. They have not been rushed to market.

I remember Lucy mentioning that someone was testing one and was getting ok reliability in clinical tests. I had no idea something was available in App Store.

But upon seeing your post I looked in the App Store. It kept assuming I was looking for a golf app. When I typed in “cough Covid 19” I got a few hits.

COVID19 SOUNDS: where I can “cough for science”. I tell it if I have Covid-19 or not and then cough for the app so that researchers can learn to differentiate between Covid positive and negative coughs.

I might participate if I get another Covid test, just to be helpful. But it doesn’t sound like it’s analyzing my cough for the purpose of telling me if I have Covid-19.

Hyfe Cough Tracker: Tells you if your cough is getting better or worse. No mention of Covid in the description.

Cough Index Calculator App: This appears to be for use on juvenile pigs. And while some of you may think I qualify, I’m not actually all that young anymore. :wink:

Cough Collector: Has been around for 3 years and makes no mention of Covid. Appears to be collecting data for a University of Iowa study.

Cough Analyzer: Seems similar to Cough Calculator but for a different university. No mention of Covid.

CoughWatchSA: For use only in South Africa. Over 4 years old but does mention Covid.

The next few appear to be more generic medical apps. At that point I stopped looking.

I haven’t seen one where the app tells me if I have Covid. Does this app exist? I thought that’s what you were talking about.

I googled “covid cough,” google added “sound” for me, and this was the first hit:

The researchers trained the model on tens of thousands of samples of coughs, as well as spoken words. When they fed the model new cough recordings, it accurately identified 98.5 percent of coughs from people who were confirmed to have Covid-19, including 100 percent of coughs from asymptomatics — who reported they did not have symptoms but had tested positive for the virus.

The team is working on incorporating the model into a user-friendly app, which if FDA-approved and adopted on a large scale could potentially be a free, convenient, noninvasive prescreening tool to identify people who are likely to be asymptomatic for Covid-19. A user could log in daily, cough into their phone, and instantly get information on whether they might be infected and therefore should confirm with a formal test.

They are still researching it, but it could be turned into an app. This was three months ago, not sure what the holdup is.
Maybe they’re trying to make this work for 300 million inputs per day?

Oh, I thought you were arguing that people should be using such an app for diagnosis.

But you agree that it doesn’t exist. Which explains why it’s not in widespread use.

So I guess I’m confused about your point. Are you complaining that the development of the app is too slow?!?!

We need the :-? emoji.

Well, I said I had heard of it.
I would never blame the people for not using it.
I blame whoever or whatever is causing the holdup to get it to the people.

Might be money, though. Someone has to get paid for this.