COVID and Travel Precautions

The one time I’ve flown since COVID, transmission rates were low and I was taking a relatively short trip. I did still wear a mask and was fully vaxxed. If I had gotten a mild to moderate case, extending my trip a day or 2 or even driving home wouldn’t have been a big deal.

Since I’m going to Europe in October, I’m wondering if I should be thinking about buying any travel/medical insurance. Normally I skip travel insurance, but in the unlikely event I get really sick I’m wondering if I should reconsider this time. Thoughts?

I will mask on the plane and transport, and will be fully boosted.

Check into its cost and then decide if it’s worth the “peace of mind”.

I would also spend money on getting a K95 mask while in the airport and on the plane.

It’s not too expensive, as I’m not looking to cover the actual costs of the trip. I cashed in FF miles and am staying with a friend for some of the trip so actual expenses are relatively low. I do already own quality masks. I still own a number of cloth masks, but have stopped wearing those as it’s pretty easy to get high quality masks now.

I can’t help much, other than to ask if you got any good info from the “travel advice” thread a few weeks ago.

If you can change your flight without change fees, your friend will let you stay there longer if you need to quarantine and your current insurance pays most medical expenses while traveling, additional insurance might be excessive.

OTOH, if they just pay you a stipend per day you’re stranded plus a fixed amount for changing your flight, if you stay for cheap with your friend, you could just pocket the money. I have no idea if that’s how it works, but if it is, it might be worth it.

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Unfortunately his very elderly mother is living with him now, so if I got sick I wouldn’t feel comfortable staying there even if he offered.

Ah well that changes the math a bit. Does travel insurance generally pay for additional time in a hotel if you’re not able to fly home at the scheduled time?

Some have a limited daily benefit for travel delay. I think illness qualifies, but would check before purchasing.