Covid and demographics

This thread is about people’s choices and behaviors, not about biological risk factors.

I went to the high-end grocery store last night to buy high-end food (out of season blueberries, smoked mackerel) and noticed that everyone in the enormous, well-ventilated store was wearing a mask. And most had surgical masks or better.

Then i went to pick up supper at five guys. The closest one was closed, so i drove one town over, to a lower-income and more urban area. I was the only person in that shop wearing a mask, and felt rather out-of-place.

Earlier in the pandemic, when restrictions started to be lifted, shortly after vaccines were widely available, i went to a park. The only people i saw wearing masks there were old folks and a group of kids and their caretakers. (It looked like a nursery school outing.)

The percent of people who have gotten vaccinated pretty much tracks with age. Old people are much more likely to be vaccinated than young adults. (Except the oldest cohort, 75+, comes in a tad below the 65-74 cohort, probably because it’s harder for them to get out and do it )

What else have you observed?

I’m in Westchester County, NY, and the mask-wearing can differ.

(by the way, it may help to say the general area you’re in, if you’re trying to capture behavior. I assume it would be different in Florida vs. Maryland, for example… yeah, I know it may be sharing more info about yourself, but it is relevant)

When I go to daily Mass, most of the people are old, and most don’t wear masks. Last week, it was one old lady wearing an N95, and then it was me wearing a cloth mask (I sneeze a lot as weather changes temp drastically, and I’m trying to be considerate). The others didn’t wear masks, but they also weren’t coughing or sneezing.

When I go shopping or go to the laundromat, I would say it’s 50/50 on mask-wearing.