Could the Coronavirus do in this horrific administration?


Due to the horrible handling, the lying, the stock market reaction ???

PredictIt gives him a 90% chance of finishing his first term (…and a 54% chance of winning a second term (…fwiw

With Trump’s base in the Po the chances of it doing any significant damage to them are low.

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Seriously, I’m hoping that if the worst happens with the virus, that it’s a watershed movement in history, where some of the religious absurdity gets replaced with reason. Maybe people wake up, realize these bizarre beliefs are costing lives, and replace it with reason.

The work of science is to substitute facts for appearances and demonstrations for impressions

Where does religion come into it?

You’ve got people in charge who think that praying on it can help solve medical issues.

Im still a bit confused. Is that the article you intended to link to?

I get that pence is a terrible pick for the job, but I’m not seeing anything about religion still.

From the article:

Pence told local officials wondering whether he would approve a needle exchange “that he was going to pray on it.”

I’m seeing stuff in a variety of places about this guy and using religion instead of reason.

Pence is just a total f’ing moron. Religious whacko and trump-toady.

He will do whatever he’s told. That’s why he’s “in charge”. Same with the new intelligence director :roll_eyes:

“This isn’t unprecedented. And the vast majority of cases are going to be mild,” he said. “This isn’t something that’s going to be cataclysmic.”

It’s tough to judge whether this is a y2k type event. Should I panic or go back to sleep? For now, I’m going to trust health folks to keep it minimized.

Same. Although I did stock up on disinfectant wipes at Costco yesterday. Hand Sanitizer is not available anywhere.

I plan to just be a little more vigilant in public places.

What I wonder though is if the spread of this illness will shed any more light for folks on how inept this administration is.

He’s been hanging his hat on “but the economy!” - I wonder if this combination of events will make any more folks wise up.

Not a chance. Don Jr just gave a speech last week saying that Dems were HOPING this would turn into a big thing and kill millions.
If it does break out big in the US, then the admin will simply point fingers. Many will see it as the bullshit it is, but the fanatics will see it as damning of the other side.

I do see a non-zero chance that this is the event Trump uses to try to stay in office even if voted out. He’s floated the idea enough that it’s definitely something he’s considered (hey, it’s just a joke!). It would either be a pandemic or war event that he’d lean on. (non zero chance <> probably going to try, but I am certain-in-my-own-head that he’ll be legit mulling over options for it)

I’m with uryson. I’m afraid elections will be cancelled due to the emergency. Or maybe just cancelled (or made really hard to get to) in crowded urban areas. Or maybe people in cities will just choose to stay home.

I mean, there’s a decent chance that any of the elderly men who are running for president will be taken out by the virus directly. But Bernie and Biden seem at higher risk than trump, since they spend more time campaigning.

True. I’m hoping the gross ineptitude of this administration is not forgotten by November.

The odds of it directly doing in the top of the administration seem to be growing.

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If Trump and Pence both go down with COVID, we get Madame President Nancy Pelosi.

That ---- would be awesome …

Unless pelosi also gets taken out…

Was really hoping that last line was going to be an AO style RPS tournament.

I think GA Senator Perdue could be done in by his handling of the Coronavirus. He might get taken down by Ossoff, a relative political novice.

Here’s Perdue getting absolutely body slammed in their debate: