Cordless Vacs

The bag company that makes my vacuum bags is no longer in business so I’m thinking about getting a new vacuum. I see that now there’s not only vacuums that have no bags but also no cords as well.

Amazon’s top result is a $600 Dyson but I see that there are other models that look just like it but are cheaper. Is the Dyson worth the hype?


Depends. Do are a single millennial living in a <1000 sqft apartment? If yes, then yes Dyson is good.


Well… I do have a Roomba as well.

My V10 Absolute works great for my suburban mcmansion. I have very little carpet, so it is less of a drain on the battery life as I can run it on the mid-level suction. The “fluffy” motor head is the one for hard floors and I can get through whatever needs vacuuming with it.

Boost mode which I used for vacuuming out my car lasted only about 10-15 minutes with much of that time using the mini carpet motor head.

I thought it was a waste of money to buy our Dyson (v11 animal+). 10/10 would buy again.

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Glad you wasted money or does it work well? Is there any chance the vac would bend?

It works well, much better than whatever the old vacuum was, and it’s just as easy to pull out the cordless vacuum vs sweeping. The only time I use the broom instead of the vacuum is if noise is an issue. The boost feature is nice but it does run down the battery quickly. We also ordered a stand to hang it and all of the attachments on. I don’t know if there are cheaper ones that would have worked just as well as this was a situation where the discussion quickly shifted to being informed this was the desired vacuum so I dropped it.

Not sure what you mean by this. The long stick part? Obligatory “there’s always a chance”, but it’s pretty rigid so I think it’d require a significant amount of force to do so.

If you have carpet, and especially if you have pets, Miele or Electrolux. Yes, they are corded. We switched from a corded Dyson to a Miele, and it picks up more dirt than Dyson.

I have a corded Dyson ball and a cordless Dyson v7 Animal. I really like both of them. The ball is very maneuverable. But the cordless Animal is awesome. It’s extremely convenient to use and works great. It’s must faster and easier than a broom on the hardwoods, and works great on the carpet for quick touchups and is easy to use on the stairs.

LOL at not having someone come in with their own vacuum to clean your house.

Last time I was vacuum cleaner shopping Hoover got better marks from Consumer Reports than Dyson, and was less expensive, so that’s what I bought.

We have a cleaning lady though, so it doesn’t get that much use any more. But when it did I was happy with it.