Cop sues city after having been fired for not behaving badly

This doesn’t really fit in any of the other “police behaving…” threads, so…

tl;dr: In NYC, family/friends of cops are given “courtesy cards” and cops are supposed to give them a break when it comes to traffic/parking tickets. One cop didn’t, was fired, and is suing.

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Good for him. I hope he gets a big payday from them.


Of course, the payday will be funded by ordinary schmoes with W-2s rather than the friends and family of police.

I’ve received solicitations for donations from the Police Benevolent Association a few times. I did not recognize the opportunity to buy immunity for traffic infractions. I don’t drive in NYC, though, so no loss.

How do the cops not respond with a full on investigation and apology? Theyre corrupt and when exposed, dont even care. Wow.

American cops are different. I went to a wedding of a cop in the US. Got obliterated on tequila with a bunch of them. We took a bus home. The cops drove home, because there were no consequences. In canada im confident that if most pulled over hammered, theyd be charged. Not all perhaps, but generally. (Speeding is different. Pretty sure canadian cops can speed with impunity).

Like, the moment he got back from work after issuing a ticket, I imagine that one scene in LA Confidential where all the cops just stare at him as he walks by.