Cool colors! How do I change them?

Pretty sure my ManU and LIV poster friends will not take kindly to this sky blue.

Try this.
Click on your icon top right.
Click on the person icon.
Click on preferences.
Click on interface.
Change the theme. Save it. Change it back. Save again.
Lmk if that works.

There are three choices, two of which are identical (white background with touches of blue), and a third with a black background.

So, no choices at all. Thanks, Trump!

I’m torn b/t using “Light” and “Shades of Blue”…

Didn’t make any difference. “Light” seems to have become “shades of blue”.

I’m stumped. I’ve posted to the discourse forums.

So, this seems to have resolved itself without my doing anything. After I did the update, choosing light or the blue theme resulted in the same theme. Today, when switching, I get the correct theme, so working as advertised.

Perhaps there’s something in the forum that runs overnight, or a cache got cleared.

If anyone is still suffering this problem, please let me know. Otherwise I’ll treat it as resolved.

Yes, it has. Now I truly am…

I think I’ll try “Light” for a while.

All about the dark :sunglasses:

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I couldn’t handle it. I got the GoActuBlues.

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Back to blue when set to light.


Yeah I see that. Last time an update did this, doing nothing fixed it after a day. So let’s see what tomorrow brings. If that resolves it, I’ll figure out what’s happening overnight and run it every time I do an update.

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FTR - still stuck on blue.