Cooking thread

Should we have a section devoted to food?

I made pizzaiola tonight for dinner. Never made it before.

Will definitely make it again. May try some different cuts of meat. Likely won’t start with Roma tomatoes though. Didn’t seem worth it. A jarred sauce doctored up with wine and fresh herbs seems like it would be just as good and less work.

I know we have some good cooks here.

What’s for dinner?

Is this where DTNF is going to upload his spreadsheet recipes?


Having run a food truck/fry wagon in my younger days, I’m a pretty decent person with frys, and fish and chips. It’s something I make, generally for the neighbourhood, a number of times per year (every 3 weeks or so since covid hit, I make them in the garage and people do a drive by pickup.
But I’ve found what is supposed to be the perfect french fry that I’m going to try next time - triple cooked with freezer time in between. Looks like a lot of work, so I’ll do it just for the fam the first time:

My family is finally vaccinated, so we’re going to see my mother/sister in a couple of weeks. They live on the St. Lawrence so I’m taking the boat; we’ll go fishing for perch. With any luck I’ll be cooking up our first batch of fish and chips this spring.


It is not.
But my recipes are public knowledge. I just make them easier for myself (and, perhaps, others) to follow.

He also showed his multi-step recipe for roast chicken. I’m not gonna give chicken what is basically a spa day!!! :unamused: :roll_eyes:

I made some tasty chili yesterday.

This time it was steak chili.

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Tried to find an online version of the double-fried fries from J Kenji Lopez-Alt - unfortunately it may be only in a cookbook. Anyway, will confirm that frying at least twice with a freeze in between is definitely superior. Maybe 3 times would be even better.

I cook twice, but I don’t freeze in between, just let cool to room temp.
The english guy boils them first, then freezes, then fries, then freezes, then frys again.

My dad used to make potatoes that way except for the freezing. He’d cube up the taters, season with salt & pepper, then fry them up in a pan. Drain and let cool. Then fry them again.

So yummy.

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When I get a diner brekkie, I love the home fries that have that nice crisp on them!!! :yum:

Ah yes. What I call the three British spices.

  1. salt
  2. pepper
  3. saltnpepper
    Seems like my ancestors tapped out after that.
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