CONTEST! Free IFM Study Material (Full Time Students)

GoActuary is giving away 2 copies of The Infinite Actuary course for exam IFM:

We’ll do a random draw on March 1, 2021 for the four winners. To qualify:

  • You must be a full time student.
  • You must register your copy at The Infinite Actuary within 2 weeks.
  • To register for the contest, please post in this thread (so that I have a list of entrants to draw from).
  • Then, to qualify for the draw make at least 3 posts in the Exam IFM category here, prior to March 1 2021.

Welcome, and Good Luck!

I’d like to enter the contest!


I would also like to join the contest!

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Please add me as I tend to be a visual learner and would immensely appreciate this!

Thanks so much!

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Congrats to Uh Yes and tolstrom for winning seminars with The Infinite Actuary for exam IFM.

I sent you a DM @SpaceLobster since Tolstoy didn’t follow the requirements from your original post!

Thank you kindly for this contest!

Hi I’d like to enter the contest!!

The Infinite Actuary is a great resource!

congrats uh yes!