CONTEST! Free FM Study Material (Full Time Students)

GoActuary is giving away 2 copies of The Infinite Actuary course for exam FM:
AND we’re giving away 2 copies of the BTDT Study Manual for Exam FM, by Dr. Krzysztof Ostaszewski, Digital version.

We’ll do a random draw on March 1, 2021 for the four winners. To qualify:

  • You must be a full time student.
  • You must register your copy at The Infinite Actuary within 2 weeks.
  • To register for the contest, please post in this thread (so that I have a list of entrants to draw from).
  • Then, to qualify for the draw make at least 3 posts in the Exam FM category here, prior to March 1 2021.

Welcome, and Good Luck!

I’m intending to take the exam in April but i stil want to get in on this.

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Well April is right next door, so get cracking on the studying!
Also, fm is probably my second fave topic in the prelims. Interest theory is so useful irl. Mortgages, loans, present value.


I’m 3/4ths through a different study manual now and wanted to get through it before registering. I’ve heard good things The Infinite Actuary’s study problem system.

might try in June or August. interested in the TIA subscription :smiley:

I would definitely like access to TIA!
I failed the first time using just ASM since I couldn’t afford CA or TIA at the moment.
With internships coming up, I’m hoping to get FM out of the way!

Congrats to Sumlaziness and pengbuzz for winning a seminar with The Infinite Actuary, and Esa2K for winning a copy of Prof Krzysztof Ostaszewski’s study guide for FM.

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Thanks. I’m happy to say that i passed FM at least partially due to the course provided by The Infinite Actuary