Comparing Headlines

I always find it kind of a fun to look at a bunch headlines.

The Verge
Cruise says a hit-and-run “launched” pedestrian in front of one of its robotaxis

San Francisco Chronicle
Driver hits woman in S.F., then Cruise driverless car runs her over;

A woman was found trapped under a driverless car. It’s not what it looks like, the car company said

San Francisco woman gets trapped under Cruise driverless car after being hit by driver, company says

NBC Bay Area
Hit-and-run driver strikes pedestrian, tossing her into path of Cruise car in San Francisco

Fox News
Self-driving vehicle runs over, pins woman in San Francisco; operator claims human hit her first

Daily Mail
San Francisco woman hit by driverless Cruise vehicle

Driverless Car Traps Woman in San Francisco

Woman severely injured after being trapped under self-driving car in SF

Tesla press release: Woman negligently backs into vehicle


Where’s the super-human reaction time!?!?

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