Common Charger Law?

I currently (heh) have three different devices charging right in front of me using three different charger plugs.
Downstairs, we have several devices being charged at any given time, using several different chargers.
Sure would be nice not to worry about cords in the future, though two of the devices on my desk (iPod and an A200 speaker) will need the old cords until they die.

I wouldn’t get all amped up about it. If we continue down the path of Qi wireless charging it will remove the need for plugs.

pun intended?

When I went from Android to iphone, I was glad to consolidate my cord collection to only lightning cables only for phone and tablet.

I do have a Garmin fitness watch that has a specialized cable so I still have that.

When it comes to electric puns, I have no resistance.

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Watt is that you say about puns?

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well I’m shocked at such a revolting display.

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Dude has an unlimited capacitor of puns.

It hertz when you say that.

I think some posters need to be inducted into the pun hall of fame.

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Ohm, my.


Watt’s the matter?

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Is wireless charging finally becoming a common thing? I had it about 3 phones ago, but on none since (admittedly not top of the line).

I have it on my current phone, but the most plausible replacement doesn’t have it, which annoys me.

I confess to being very happy that all my recently acquired devices charge with USB-C. That’s my most recent 2 phones, and 3 recent laptops. When I travel, I can bring one laptop charger and use it for everything, including lending it to most of my friends.

(I do rather like the maglock charger on my ancient MacBook Pro, though.)

Yeah, I’ve still got a bunch of other cables I need to use from time to time, but everything recent except for musical equipment is usb c. Musical stuff still seems to be hanging on to usb b, which makes sense, as the big more-stable honking connector is a benefit there.

Maglock looked cool, but it was way too easy to accidentally bump it off and run out of power.

It only works because the device has a large battery, so nothing bad happens if you trip on the cable.

Getting back to the law, though, I wonder if the EU isn’t at risk of locking in a mediocre standard when something better may come along. It’s nice that USB C charging is the defacto standard in the US, because i love not worrying about charger cables, but it’s a fairly flaky standard. They stop working more than most other charging connectors I’ve used. I know a lot of people who have replaced gadgets basically because they got too hard to charge over time.

The EU says that it will adapt the standard as technology evolves. However, considering the speed at which the EU moves…