Commercials I love

GEICO – Words Can Hurt

…especially the ending, “Jesse?”

Progressive Real Actors Not People

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The dog makes me laugh!!!

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Doritos grandpa ashes superbowl - YouTube

Less filling!
Tastes great!

Those were great commercials.

All we need is one pin, Rodney. One pin…

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I must be in the front row!!!

He missed the tag!!

outside of the superbowl commercial classics…

of everyday television commercials, this is the one that really impressed me:

Probably one of the best commercials I’ve seen.


What makes you say that? To me, it’s “just another luxury car commercial“. Just curious…not challenging your conclusion.

Well I don’t know if they came up with the quote, but I think the way they spelled out “Rules of luxury” and have very matching clips to go with them spoke to me. Even the very different period cinematography and voiceovers.

The Rules of Luxury:

  1. Look, but don’t touch
  2. Touch, but don’t use
  3. Use, but don’t enjoy
  4. Enjoy, but don’t show it

It shows the irony of people spending money on luxury goods but never really getting utilization or enjoyment out of them.

The Honda ‘cog’ commercial:

Sorta related, I like this Acura commercial. The video is in the link, I didn’t see it on YouTube.

I will often watch commercials on mute to see if the visuals would sell me on the product . . .

This one kinda-sorta did (for the headlights, not the car):
Audi Twilight Commercial - Super Bowl 2012 - YouTube

Start at 0:40 for the commercial.

Lol at the last guy.


still love Mayhem and Dr Rick.

But the WhatsApp mailman ads…i find that guys deadpan delivery outstanding.

Speaking of dancing commercials, this is my favorite:

Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin and Mint Mobile always tickle me
New Aviation Gin on youtube now - go search for it!
“Little mutha F(beep)”

An oldie:

Awaiting the expanded box set.