Color for Title Insurance Annual Statement?

OK, so a random question came to me from a co-worker. You know how the NAIC Annual Statements are different colors? The Life statements are Blue Book for general account and Green Book for separate account, the P&C statement is the Yellow Book, the Health statement is the Orange Book. So, what color is the Title Insurance Annual Statement? Everyone on the team was stumped; no one could find the answer online. Does anybody know offhand?

I’m guessing it’ll be yellow . . . I believe Title Insurance is a subset of the Casualty side of P&C.

It’s true that it’s a P&C coverage. But I think all the different blanks have different colors. I seem to recall (I might be wrong) that when fraternals had their own, separate Annual Statement blank, its cover was brown.

Does anyone know a title insurance valuation actuary? Title insurance companies exist, and the NAIC has a blank for them, so someone’s got to be filling one out, right?

I feel like you can email the NAIC directly for this info

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or even google search for it on

Title insurance is line 34 in the yellow book.