Cold brew idgi

It’s kind of nasty tbh

all coffees are nasty.

cold brews are stronger, and less acidic. good for reflux and get you high faster.

just like alcohol, it’s not about the taste.

What is it? Best thing I’ve found for cold brew is these bags on Amazon. 3/4 c coffee plus 8 cups of water, steep for 48 hours and add water to taste.

Cold brew is not as bitter as coffee brewed hot. If you like bitter things, then I guess I can see how cold brew would taste worse, but I have an aversion to bitterness so I prefer it, and by a lot.

I like cold brew. I don’t know what idgi means.

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“I don’t get it.”

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Ah, OK.

Yeah, cold brew rocks. I don’t know why it would be described as nasty unless you just don’t like iced coffee in the first place. It’s better than regular iced coffee though, due to the aforementioned lower acidity / bitterness.