Codename! Round 4

Round 4! Here are the words:

\color{Red}{Hawk} \color{DodgerBlue}{Satellite} \color{Tan}{Pants} \color{Tan}{Kid} \color{DodgerBlue}{Ship}
\color{Tan}{Telescope} \color{DodgerBlue}{Tag} \color{Red}{Gold} \color{Red}{Africa} \color{Red}{Laser}
\color{DodgerBlue}{Row} \color{DodgerBlue}{Embassy} \color{Tan}{Washer} \color{DodgerBlue}{Table} Jet
\color{DodgerBlue}{Shadow} \color{Tan}{Boot} \color{Red}{Death} \color{DodgerBlue}{Moon} \color{Red}{Forest}
\color{Tan}{Marble} \color{Red}{Cross} \color{Red}{Card} \color{DodgerBlue}{Comic} \color{Tan}{Phoenix}

Please put your official guess in BOLD CAPS

The team guessing first will have 9 words, the team guessing second will have 8 words.
There is one assassin word. If guessed, this word ends the game.

The full rules are here

I’d like to call out these rules for valid clues:

Your clue must be about the “meaning” of the word. You can’t give a clue towards its spelling or letter arrangements.

You may not use the number as part of the clue.

You may not use a foreign language to identify the word unless its a commonly used/accepted word in the language being used for the game.

You may not use a word that is an active codename in any of your clues. You may regain the use of that word if the codename is revealed. You may spell out your clue if it will help avoid confusion between two words that sound the same or if you don’t want to commit to a specific pronunciation of a word that has more than one meaning. Another player may also request a clue spelled out.

And I’m going to arbitrarily rule that proper names and common compound words are okay as clues, but homonyms, abbreviations, acronyms, and rhymes are not allowed.

ALSO, arbitrarily ruling that google isn’t allowed, either for cluing or for guessing.

All team chatter should be in this thread.
Teams should discuss their choice before making it, but anyone can make a choice. Please try to include all your teammates in the discussion, at least if they are around.

\color{DodgerBlue}\boldsymbol{\underline{{Blue\space{}Team}}} - 7 words guessed (2 words remaining)
\color{Red}\boldsymbol{\underline{{Red\space{}Team}}} - 8 words guessed (0 words remaining)

Row is a Blue word
Table is a Blue word
Blue team passes

Death is a Red word
Cross is a Red word
Red team passes

Shadow is a Blue word
Moon is a Blue word
Blue team passes

Gold is a Red word
Forest is a Red word
Hawk is a Red word
Card is a Red word

Embassy is a Blue word
Satellite is a Blue word
Boot is a Neutral word

Africa is a Red word
Red team passes

Ship is a Blue word
Kid is a Neutral word

Laser is a Red word

Red team wins!

\color{red}{\boldsymbol{\underline{Red \space{} Team}}}
@MayanActuary – Spymaster
@snoo – operative
@soyleche – operative
@Snake – operative
@Lucy – operative
@OddSox – operative

\color{DodgerBlue}{\boldsymbol{\underline{Blue \space{} Team}}}
@S.Morgenstern – Spymaster
@John.S.Mill – operative
@Rastiln – operative
@IPD – operative
@Tiffany – operative

Red and blue team, please let me know who you want to be spymaster!

I know the blue font can be hard to read if you have the dark theme turned on. I’ll try to use it sparingly. I just think it’s fun to use colors.

Since Red team went first last round, Blue team will go first this round.

I’m open to being spymaster, but willing to let someone else do it if they have had the itch since I just started last round.

Also - with this game you could admin and be a spymaster for one team if you wanted to still play, since spymaster’s are omniscient and we don’t have PM groups for guessing that you would be a part of.

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That’s a good point! I’d prefer not to be spymaster this round (I’m having too much fun playing with the text formatting), but if no one wants to I suppose I can.

I’ll let someone else be spymaster if anyone wants.

Which blue is easiest for you to see?

\color{lightskyBlue}{Light\space{}Sky\space{} Blue}

\color{CornflowerBlue}{Cornflower\space{} Blue}

\color{DeepSkyBlue}{Deep\space{} Sky\space{} Blue}

\color{DodgerBlue}{Dodger\space{} Blue}

\color{mediumslateBlue}{Medium \space{}Slate\space{} Blue}

\color{royalBlue}{Royal\space{} Blue}

Blue text options
  • Light Blue
  • Light Sky Blue
  • Cornflower Blue
  • Deep Sky Blue
  • Dodger Blue
  • Medium Slate Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Any of the above

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Dodger Blue is really relaxing to my eyes

That one is my favorite I think. I found a page with a ton of colors and I tried to pick out ones that work in the dark theme. Most colors seem to work in the light theme.

I’ll spymaster for Team Ka-Bluey unless someone else has a stronger preference for it.

Weird seeing the edits “take place” in real time (without refreshing the page)

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I’m going to set the game up with @MayanActuary and @S.Morgenstern being spymasters for the red and blue team, respectively.

Blue team is up first, with 9 words to guess!

blue team here. I’ve voted for the Dodgers

Clue development in process . . . one moment, please.

Making sure I’m cluing in on the right set of words


I’m partial to Royal Blue; but Dodger Blue shows up better in the dark theme. But I like Royal Blue in the light theme.

Row and Table.

Slam dunk.
Let’s go. Thoughts?

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